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February 16, 2010

Rag Rug

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Normally I post cards I’ve completed, but I finished a couple other projects recently. One was a rag rug. I wanted to change the rug in the laundry room because the one there had a huge bleach stain. Rather than buy a new one, I wanted to reclaim the old one. I searched online for how to make various rag rugs and decided to make one you tie small pieces of old t-shirts and rags on to a large cloth or rug. Unfortunately, the knots were too thick for the door to open. I then decided to sew the strips onto the rug since that was supposed to be quick! (Notice how I said supposed to be.)

Here’s a quick tip. Be sure to use a denim grade needle to sew through a rug and scraps. Also be sure that the foot on the sewing machine doesn’t work loose! Five needles and a new bobbin later, I finished this rug!

Another Tip: sew the strips relatively close together if you don’t want the original rug to show through. Otherwise you’ll have to sew strips in between rows, which can get a little cumbersome.

For other tips from crafters and to enter a blog contest for fun prizes, check out Tip Junkie. I entered this rug into the contest.

Here’s the rug in the laundry room. I’m not sure I’m completely happy with the colors. I may try to crochet another rag rug to see if I like it better. I’ll keep you posted on that.


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